IceBubble are an IT consultancy with many satisfied clients throughout the UK.

We are passionate about finding the best IT solutions suited to our client’s needs. Our team have been working with selected partners and key service providers for over 20 years providing different solutions that help move businesses forward.

The IT industry is teaming with people that are capable of providing services, however, more often than not there’s a complicated conversation between the business and the ‘geeks’ that is hard and tiring to battle through. The team we have are able to realise and share in the passion of your business, enabling us to identify your needs and either recommend, find, or deliver a solution directly.

Do IceBubble have much experience?

Great question.

And can be honestly answered with a big fat “yes”!

The developer team has a combined 45 years’ experience in the industry.

Paul, the Director, has the knack of being able to look at a client’s existing systems and software and know instinctively how they can be linked, improved or completely remodelled.  He ends up saving so much of a client’s time and money.

The whole team’s passion is finding the best IT solutions for their clients.  IceBubble want to design a solution which will allow their clients to move their businesses forward in a way they may not have anticipated possible through an IT system.

Why use IceBubble?

Quite simply, because while the team has the whole world of IT solutions at their fingertips, they are small enough to care and provide amazing service.

They’re not the kind of ‘IT Geeks’ who use language that no one but themselves understands.  They take time to get to know their clients, to know their business and the issues they are facing.

They offer solutions which are right for that individual company, whether that be based on customising software already on the market or creating a bespoke solution just for them.

With IceBubble you get real people on the end of the phone, and they will spend time with you to ensure they understand the project and its aims so that they can then design the solution.


  • Paul
    Paul Director / Developer

    Paul has over 20 years of experience as a developer, beginning in the IT and Field Marketing industry, before starting IceBubble as a full-time business in 2015.

    Having worked with a great number of high-profile clients delivering data capture solutions, reporting portals, and supporting field teams with their IT solutions.

    Paul is now focused on bringing that learning to the clients of IceBubble to enrich their business.

  • Sara

    Sara has over 15 years of public sector experience and has a fantastic understanding of corporate structure and process.

  • Gio
    Gio Senior Developer / Operations

    Gio has over 10 years of experience working with very large data sets at an FMCG agency and 5 years with IceBubble creating bespoke solutions and managing our core SQL server based infrastructure.

    Working with some of the largest manufacturers to supply the UK retail market, Gio’s specialities include the management and flow of large volumes of data, and representation of data using industry standard tools such as Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Server Reporting Services and Visual Studio.

  • James
    James Developer

    James has 10 years of experience as a developer primarily in C# .NET developing desktop, website, and mobile applications.

    Working on a range of in-house business applications for companies involved in Financial Services, Reinsurance, and document processing. Joining IceBubble in July 2023.

    James has experience working on the full stack of development from coding in Asp Classic, Webforms & Blazor to SQL Server and frontend languages such as JQuery, CSS and HTML .


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