IceBubble are an IT consultancy with many satisfied clients throughout the UK.

IceBubble are passionate about finding the best IT solutions for our clients needs. Our team have been working with selected partners and key service providers for over 20 years providing different solutions to really move businesses forward.

The IT industry is teaming with people that are capable of providing services, however more often than not there’s a complicated conversation between the business and the ‘geeks’ that is hard and tiring to battle through. The team we have are able to realise and share in the passion of your business, enabling us to identify your needs and either recommend a solution, find one, or deliver one directly.


  • Paul
    Paul Director / Developer

    With over 15 years of experience in the IT and Field Marketing industry, Paul has worked with a great number of high profile clients delivering data capture solutions, reporting portals and supporting field teams with their IT solutions.

  • Sara

    Sara has over 15 years of public sector experience and has a fantastic understanding of corporate structure and process.

  • Gio
    Gio Senior Developer

    Gio has over 10 years of experience working with very large data sets at an FMCG agency. Working with some of the largest manufacturers to supply the UK retail market, Gio’s specialities include the management and flow of large volumes of data, and representation of data using industry standard tools such as Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Server Reporting Services and Visual Studio.

  • Stuart
    Stuart Consulting Developer

    Stuart is a software developer with over 20 year of experience.

    He has worked in various industries from Industrial Automation to Food and Beverage/Hospitality to Field Marketing and written software for various platforms from Programmable Logic controllers to PCs and Tablets.