Inbound Email

What is inbound email?

Bespoke solutions will often send out emails to notify of something that has happened – a new order or a new user perhaps. Inbound Email is different, allowing you to send email into your solution.

Everyone loves communicating via email, but they do have a habit of getting lost, forgotten or deleted.

Inbound email is setup with a simple email address for everyone to use – branded using your domain i.e. [email protected]

So what would you use it for?

Inbound email (in conjunction with outbound email) can be used to create a Helpdesk solution or a case management process. In the example of a helpdesk, emails are sent out when you reply, and when a customer replies back the inbound email is neatly grouped into the conversation.

Where do the emails show up?

Emails sent into the system are checked in a variety of ways, and they are linked to records within your solution. So for example if you had a Helpdesk ticket from your Customer, the inbound email is checked for the Ticket Id, and then linked to the Ticket. But it’s better than just that, the email address is also linked to the Customer Contact and in turn the Customer as well.

This means you can see the inbound email on the Helpdesk ticket, but you can also see it within the Customer and Contact records as well.

Search Options & Analysis

Search is now also possible over all the incoming emails, filtering for specific Customers or Clients and getting straight to the information you need.

Using the Helpdesk example, say you categorise your tickets as High, Medium and Low priority with another field for Product. We can use the data to provide live analysis to see who creates the most High priority tickets and for what Product. If a Product suddenly experiences a large number of tickets, we can quickly highlight this to your team.

Why does this matter?

When your team receives email from your customers in a central location it then becomes available to everyone. No more missing client emails because of holiday, no more employees leaving and the rest of the team not having access to the emails they sent or received.

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