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for CJ Fresh Foods

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CJ Fresh Foods are a food wholesaler who wanted us to create a bespoke ordering solution for their business.

This needed to be designed for mobile and had to have specific, bespoke, attributes to match their process.

The Challenge

CJ Fresh Foods were facing phone calls, emails, texts up to 4am on the day of delivery and needed an app that would be able to handle all enquiries at any time.

Furthermore, some products need to be amended easily when it came to different weights and sizes before picking, e.g. cheese. Chefs and caterers also needed an app that is fast, easy to use and something that they could use from their mobiles.

The Solution

We found many ‘off the shelf’ solutions available for this task, however, CJ Fresh Foods have a unique operation and needed a bespoke system just for them. We collaborated with CJ Fresh Foods to find out exactly what they required and built from scratch a fully self-managed web based mobile friendly ordering portal with an Android App that customers can use if they prefer.

We have enhanced the app since creation by creating a price adjustment process, allowing CJ Fresh Foods to adjust their prices out of business hours, automatically, reflecting changes in the marketplace.

The Results

CJ Fresh Foods now have a bespoke solution that is finger friendly and designed so restaurant and café owners can order straight from their mobile devices, wherever and whenever they need to. Furthermore, orders are able to be edited so that CJ Fresh Foods can charge appropriately whilst maintaining a customer centric approach.

The app saw a 50% increase in sales as customers were now browsing through their catalogue of items and realising the huge range CJ Fresh Foods offer.

The app also automated the invoicing process, automatically sending invoices to each customer on a Sunday as per the design.


IceBubble provide CJ Fresh foods with an online and app based bespoke b2b ordering system for cafe’s and restaurants in Yorkshire.

The team at IceBubble worked quickly to understand our needs, and the result is an easy to use ordering platform, that has increased customer orders and significantly boosted company productivity.

We continue to work together to find areas of improvement, both in productivity and business resilience for CJ Fresh Foods.

I’m happy to recommend IceBubble, and have already begun to do so!

Chris Highton
Managing Director – CJ Fresh Foods

Technology in use for this solution

Microsoft Xamarin
Simple cross platform development. Using Xamarin, we can develop one business logic code and then use this to create iOS, Android, Mac and Windows (UWP) applications. This approach saves considerable time, and also reduces the issues that arise from running multiple different native apps.

Microsoft .Net
Supported, Open Source and multi platform. Using .Net we can build a single application core and deploy it to iOS, Android, Windows and Web.

Microsoft SQL Server
Supported, Stable and fast. Our preferred relational database solution. SQL server has been available for over 20 years and regardless of where you host it, it’s rock solid reliability and integrity remain an industry benchmark.