Bespoke Web Application
for JC Lindsay

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JC Lindsay & Co work with multiple housing associations and required an online solution to manage their workload and provide simple management of projects. The challenge came when we needed to incorporate a specific pricing structure dictated by a specific housing association, and IceBubble built a custom solution to enable this process to work smoothly for every type of customer JC Lindsay encountered.

IceBubble also provide IT Support for the JC Lindsay & Co team, ensuring that their office equipment, email solution and website are always running smoothly.

Technology in use for this solution

HCL Domino
Integrated, Powerful and super fast development. Often mistaken for a legacy product, using HCL Domino, we can create web applications in record time. Domino can also provide integrated email solutions and systems integrations in addition to powerful document based databases, making it one of the few “All in one” packages available today.