Bespoke Web Applications
for Mirror Marketing

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Mirror Marketing are a field marketing agency who provide people and logistics to activate brands in store and wherever their clients customer needs.

Right from the start Mirror Marketing wanted IceBubble to help build them a bespoke solution due to our experience in this particular industry.

The Challenge

Mirror Marketing are a field marketing agency and anyone who knows that industry will be aware just how fast it can move.

The solution required the ability to advertise work, plan the work and combine both staff and location quickly and easily.

Since each piece of activity is different, the data capture requirements are dynamic, and Mirror Marketing needed a solution that would allow this to be possible for almost any job.

Mirror Marketing also wanted to ensure they deliver a better service than their competitors and so a bespoke quality control process was also required.

The Solution

IceBubble built a bespoke data capture solution from scratch that allows Mirror Marketing to recruit, engage, quality check and deliver fantastic results for their clients.

IceBubble created a dynamic survey process within the portal that allows each activity to be completely different and capture a variety of different media – including signatures and capturing barcodes.

The solution is built using Domino, which is a non-relational database, and this allows rapid application development and quick changes which are both very important within field marketing which is a fast moving industry.

The Results

Since the creation of this app, Mirror Marketing have extended their solutions to meet their client’s needs on a regular basis and found they are able to quickly adapt and delight their clients.

Mirror Marketing have an excellent reputation and are a major player in their industry and have the resources to exceed their client’s expectations.


We use IceBubble for our bespoke web reporting solution and for general IT Support. We have always found them to be flexible and willing to find solutions with us.

We can be demanding on timescales on occasion and we always find that they pull out the stops to deliver for us.

I would have no hesitation in recommending IceBubble.

Sophia Webber
Managing Director – Mirror Marketing

Technology in use for this solution

Microsoft Xamarin
Simple cross platform development. Using Xamarin, we can develop one business logic code and then use this to create iOS, Android, Mac and Windows (UWP) applications. This approach saves considerable time, and also reduces the issues that arise from running multiple different native apps.

HCL Domino
Integrated, Powerful and super fast development. Often mistaken for a legacy product, using HCL Domino, we can create web applications in record time. Domino can also provide integrated email solutions and systems integrations in addition to powerful document based databases, making it one of the few “All in one” packages available today.