Mobile App Development

Approximately 60% of all internet traffic is now from a mobile device and the figure is increasing rapidly!

Can your business afford not to have a mobile app to enhance the customer experience allowing them access on and offline?

You know how convenient it is when a company you’re interested in has a well-designed and fully functioning mobile app that you can access any time, from anywhere. Well IceBubble can create an app specifically for you through our mobile app development service.

The rise of Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are increasing in popularity at, what seems like, the speed of light.  With more people using their phone to view the internet than a desktop or laptop, it would appear it’s most certainly the way the world is headed.

Your clients and customers also want access to your service and/or product wherever they are, whether they have internet access or not.

It’s a misconception that mobile app development costs more than a new website.  In the past, the software used to build mobile apps wasn’t as developed as it is now and so creating mobile apps was much more complex and time consuming for the developer.  But those days are well behind us, and our mobile app development service won’t cost anywhere near what you would expect.

Mobile apps are here to stay… don’t let your business get left behind.

iOS Android Windows  ~  Cross-Platform

Mobile App Development – Why and How

A mobile app will be secure, stable, responsive, and flexible providing the user the absolute best experience, on and offline.  And, let’s face it, it’s all about the user experience.

As with our web app development service, if you are thinking of having a mobile app developed, we work with you through a number of stages to ensure it is perfect for your business.

We firstly discuss with you the aim of the app… to manage a business process or system, a reward scheme, to deliver training or services, to deliver information, to track a journey, … the list goes on.

We would then work together with you and map out how the app should work to ensure its functionality meets the needs of the business, ensuring the user finds it simple and effective to navigate.

The design and building of the first version (‘dev’) comes next.

We both test the ‘dev’ app until we are happy it does everything it needs to, working in the way you want.

A clone is then made and is published, becoming your live app.

Why do we have a clone?  Well, that way it’s much easier to make any future changes you may require in the original ‘dev’ version. Once tested, we add that change to the published version and everyone gets a fantastic service.  Businesses don’t stand still and we ensure our mobile app development allows for updates and new functions.

Why choose IceBubble for your mobile app development

If you’ve looked at any of the pages for our other services, then you know how experienced we are.  (If not… we have a combined experience of over 60 years!  I know, we don’t look that old do we!)

We work with our clients and go on the journey together.  From initial discussions about what an app could do for your business and what you see its function being, to looking at your current customer journey and how this could be positively impacted by a mobile app.

We are not here to develop mobile apps, or web apps for that matter, which do not positively impact your business.  We want to see you reach more of your target customers through our applications and allow your offering to grow.

If you would like a chat about our mobile app development and how it could benefit your business, then just complete the form below and we’ll get right back to you.

    Our Mobile App Development Toolkit

    Although mobile app development is relatively new in development terms, IceBubble have worked with several different techniques and through our own choices have found that Xamarin has allowed us to create brilliant mobile apps.

    Since Microsoft acquired Xamarin, the updates have been coming thick and fast and we are more confident than ever in it’s ability.


    Simple cross platform development. Using .Net Maui, we can develop one business logic code and use this to create iOS, Android, Mac and Windows (UWP) applications. This approach saves considerable time, and also reduces the issues that arise from running multiple different native apps.

    Microsoft .Net
    Supported, Open Source and multi platform. Using .Net we can build a single application core and deploy it to iOS, Android, Windows and Web.

    Microsoft SQL Server
    Supported, Stable and fast. Our preferred relational database solution. SQL server has been available for over 20 years and regardless of where you host it, it’s rock solid reliability and integrity remain an industry benchmark.