Systems integrations

Does your business use a number of software solutions which don’t talk to one another?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

We can enable them to communicate and provide you with the reports you need.

One of our aims at IceBubble is that our solutions save our clients time and money.  Building systems integrations to enable, for example, one of our client’s CRM system to work seamlessly with their stock control system, allows us to do just that.

Why are systems integrations necessary?

As businesses grow, new software solutions are sought and purchased to help with individual systems and procedures.  This could be an accounting package, a client ordering system or a file sharing system. The list is endless as you can buy software to help with almost any business function.

Some businesses end up with a multiple  pieces of software which all do specific jobs brilliantly.  But they don’t talk to one another or perhaps can’t use the data in the way you need them to.

For some, this can mean that you have to manually transfer data from one piece of software into another to carry out a different function.  It can be labour intensive and time consuming, resulting in missing actions and the chance for human errors.

It can also mean that some of the basic data entered is not filtered in the way your business needs it to be, and/or it does not trigger other actions which you would like it to.

Having a piece of systems integrations software allows different software to communicate effectively. This ensures you have control over the data in a way which suits your business. The end result saves you time and money, and generates more income.

What are the benefits of systems integrations?

One of the major benefits of having bespoke systems integrations is that you gain more control over your data.  You can create dashboards and have a clear, real time picture of what is happening in your business. Furthermore, management reports can also provide the full range of data across all the various departments or stages of your process.

For example, reports can be generated automatically at a timescale to suit you and data from any area can be manipulated and presented in a way which is helpful to you.

One of our clients, has over 100 API connections running daily through the systems integrations we created for them.  This means that the raw data, entered into their database, is validated against a set of defined rules so that they can run reports overnight to give them their exact position for their daily 9.30am meeting.

When each part of your process is connected, you have complete control over your data and, therefore, your business. Often one click of a button can trigger a number of responses and it all ensures your customers receive a seamless service.

The benefits of systems integrations will vary dependent on business type and processes, which is why we work with each of our clients to map out the opportunities before we begin.

Why choose IceBubble for your bespoke systems integrations?

We could tell you about our 60 years of combined experience and our excellent track record.

But far more important, is the fact that we take our time to really understand your business, the software you run, your processes, and business aims.

Our goal is to streamline your business so that you have complete control, can give your customers the best possible experience, and so that you make more profit.

Once we have the knowledge of how your business currently operates, we can assess how we can help you make improvements.  This is one of the elements of our jobs that gives us so much satisfaction – to see your business streamlined, all processes and data under full control, and profits growing.

If you have software which doesn’t communicate, then our systems integrations solution could be for you.  To start a conversation, please just complete the form below and we’ll get right back to you.

    Our Systems Integrations Toolkit

    Microsoft .Net
    Supported, Open Source and multi platform. Using .Net we can connect data from API’s into Web Applications, or tasks to run on a scheduled basis. We have even written custom code for other applications to pick up and use.

    Microsoft SQL Server
    Supported, Stable and fast. Our preferred relational database solution. SQL server has been available for over 20 years and regardless of where you host it, it’s rock solid reliability and integrity remain an industry benchmark.

    SQL is often at the centre of most clients, and integrations will flow to and from a SQL server, either in Azure, AWS, Hosted or On Premise.

    HCL Domino
    Integrated, Powerful and super fast development. Often mistaken for a legacy product, using HCL Domino, we can create web applications in record time.

    If you use Domino, we can successfully integrate your solution with other services, such as Microsoft Graph, Google, Dropbox and many more.