CRM Plus Bespoke

Your Bespoke CRM

Have you tried a few off the shelf CRM solutions and found them tough to get on with?

Did you find it overly complex, or that you’d need to pay for a lot of features you just won’t use?


With our existing CRM knowledge, we can quickly build a simple and effective platform for you, and tailor it to your needs.

We can integrate your marketing solution, finance solution, warehouse management solutions and many more with our existing knowledge of these platforms.

If there’s anything else you need adding to your solution, we can easily build that for you, now or later on.

All of this hosted in our dedicated SQL and .Net environment for performance, scalability and reliability.

What is a web app?

A bespoke CRM offers the flexibility to have what you want, the way you want it.

If there’s an API for it, we can integrate it.
If there’s a “spreadsheet you always get” we can validate and upload it and add the information to your CRM.
If there’s a different way of working, we can adjust to it.

Our web app development is:

Flexible  ~  Responsive  ~  Bespoke  ~  Innovative  ~  Secure  ~  Stable  Scalable

What are the stages to creating your perfect Bespoke CRM

We work with you through each of these stages:

Stage One:
Have exploration meetings to establish what the challenges are with off the shelf solutions. Establishing the key features, integrations and needs.

Stage Two:
IceBubble map the build process and share the timeline with you.

Stage Three:
We create the development version of your site so that we can review and check this together.

Stage Four:
We test and ensure everything is working as it should and then hand over for you to review.

Stage Five:
Using a copy of the code we then build your “Live” version. Leaving the “Dev” version in place for any future testing or development needs.

Stage Six:
We then work with you to establish domain names, email links and all the integrations. When this is complete we make this available to the end users.

The ‘dev’ version of the web app is kept running and functioning as part of our service so that should any changes be required in future, we can create and test them in that version before being made live.  We understand nothing stands still and this process allows us to smoothly work on any upgrades and additions that you may require.

Why choose IceBubble for your bespoke CRM development?

Our team has the combined experience of over 60 years in the industry and we haven’t faced a problem that we couldn’t develop a solution for.

We work with our clients to understand their processes, problems, and goals. This helps us to design the most innovative web app which not only solves any gaps or problems, but adds additional value too.

We ensure that the ‘backend’ of the web app is simple to understand, use, and keep up to date… and the front end is clear and presented in a way that the end users will appreciate.

From B2B ordering systems, data capture, stock control systems, to recruitment, our web app development will be the solution you have been seeking.

And, if you’d like to know more about our mobile app development, in case you ever want your bespoke web app to be made mobile, here’s the page to check out.

If you would like a chat about bespoke web app development, fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch.

    Our Toolkit

    IceBubble have over 60 years of development experience and have chosen a rock solid set of development tools that we feel are the right tools for our job.
    They include, but are not limited to, the following:

    Microsoft SQL Server
    Supported, Stable and fast. Our preferred relational database solution. SQL server has been available for over 20 years and regardless of where you host it, its rock solid reliability and integrity remain an industry benchmark.

    Microsoft Power BI
    Powerful and insightful analytics. Using Power BI in conjunction with data from SQL Server, we find this the most visually appealing and user friendly BI tool.

    Microsoft .Net
    Supported, Open Source and multi platform. Using .Net we can build a single application core and deploy it to iOS, Android, Windows and Web.


    Simple cross platform development. Using .Net Maui, we can develop one business logic code and use this to create iOS, Android, Mac and Windows (UWP) applications. This approach saves considerable time, and also reduces the issues that arise from running multiple different native apps.