Field Team Territory Planning

Having worked in Field Marketing for a combined 30 years, we have experience of field team management. One incredibly important aspect is to ensure that field teams have a balance of work.

This can become incredibly complicated, and varies based on geography, drivetime, workload in area, demand in area and many other factors.

If you have a field team, and have not considered reviewing workload and balance, do get in touch and we will be able to discuss the possibilities in more detail.

Our Field Team Territory Planning Toolkit

There are many different situations within Field Team Planning, and each will often call for a specific tool. The following two are the ones we have had the most experience with and are confident in recommending to our clients for use.

CACI Field Force Planning
IceBubble have training to use CACI Field Force Planning, an industry standard tool which has been present for many years.

Open Door Logistics
ODL Studio is an Open Source platform for assisting in territory design.